Friday, June 12, 2015

Hot Momma

From the movie FIRESTARTER

According to Tony Walter and Grace Davie's, The Religiosity of Women in the Modern West, "In western societies, women are more religious than men on every measure of religiosity."   Getting more specific they say, "The dimension of religious life where the difference between women and men is biggest is private devotion—prayer and Bible reading."  Recognizing that all true public displays of religion flow from the private sphere, this observed womanly trait is significant and powerful. The private sphere is where women tap into God.  It should therefore be of no surprise that the Devil seeks to disrupt this explosive area of devotion.  If St. Paul's aim was to secure undistracted devotion to God, the Devil's aim is to distract.  At the moment his distraction tactic seems to be working.  Women's religiosity is in decline.

An often overlooked aspect of the Reformation was its elimination of distraction for women.  Distraction for women in the days of Luther came in the form of a convent.  At the time, the teaching of the Church highly promoted the celibate life.  Men were prodded into the monasteries, women into the convents.  Parents added to the push.  This was seen as the way to get closer to God.  Women were distracted from childbearing in the home.  Today, distraction for women comes in the form of a job.

Starting in the early 1900s, but significantly increasing around the early 1970s, married women began entering the workforce, abandoning the home.  Women in relation to God took a turn for the worse.  Studies have demonstrated how married women entering the workforce showed a corresponding decline in religiosity.  Leaving the home domain had an observable influence on women.  According to Walter and Davie, “Women who stay at home are protected from the secularizing influence of the modern marketplace.”  Additionally, they point out how childbirth raises the intensity of a mother’s religiosity even more.  St. Paul tells us, "women shall be preserved through the bearing of children".

The exceeding tendency of women toward religion in comparison to men has been observed throughout the ages.  It is therefore not coincidental that many of Christ's most devoted followers were women, or that women significantly outnumber men in the pews today.  It is an intrinsic force placed in women by the God of Nature.  Many scholars, however, have a hard time attributing this tendency to the nature of women, choosing instead to attribute it entirely to environmental forces.  Nevertheless, Scripture clearly states, "Male and female created he them".

The key to another Awakening is the emphatic promotion of procreating marriage, marriage with an undistracted holy woman at home.  This is proven Gospel-grade soil that brings out the best in women.  Make no mistake, a devoted and undistracted momma in the home, means a devoted daddy and kids.  The Devil trembles when a holy woman is in the home.  He knows the whole social order will be affected in significant ways for God.  Hell knows no fury like a momma set on fire with God.


seekeroftruth said...

Wanna tell me what happened to me then?

Doug said...

@seekeroftruth, Not sure what you mean. Could you elaborate?

seekeroftruth said...

I used to be a hot I'm just a cold grandma...I read your blog and the first thought that came to my mind was what happened to me? I still am a stay a home mom...but the fire is gone...barely a smoking flax left.

Doug said...

@seekeroftruth, Momma temperature's not determined by age or physical attributes, but by heat absorbed from the Son. Your grandchildren—and all those around you—desperately need your heat, even though many of them may never recognize their dependency on your prayer, encouragement, and presence in their lives. It is for this very purpose you were created by God. I encourage you to fan the flames. Realize you are much hotter than you think.

seekeroftruth said...

Lest you misunderstand I was speaking spiritually...not physically...I done my best for years and years to absorb that least I thought so... my so sole desire to was to know hear Him...and to be honest I became heart sick... guess I just had to high of hopes...and we all know about hope deferred...


Dawn Walton said...

@seekeroftruth I understand where you're coming from. Here's some very encouraging words from Ann Voskamp:

...heroes up right now hurling after chemo & warrior mamas hunched over sick, fighting babies & marriages hurting bad behind tightly closed doors & parents of prodigals with knees scraped raw because of all their begging prayers & don't think for a minute this world's not a bit in flame with a billion burning heartaches & that's no cliché or joke.
Everybody's in the midst of their own burn.
And there's Jesus looking the Brave right in the eye, and pulling in real close: "Staying with it—that’s what is required.
Stay with it to the end" Luke 21:19MSG
Stay with it -- stay with doing hard & holy things, stay with believing Him for ImpossABLE things, stay with brazen Hope, stay with Him.
In the midst of your own fire & burn -- turns out you can be lit with a greater light, a braver flame, a brighter blaze --
and you can fight fire with fire --
with the heat of His greater love.
‪#‎StayWithIt‬ ‪#‎EveryonesFightingTheirOwnBattle‬ ‪#‎FightFireWithFire‬

seekeroftruth said...

I've not totally abandoned my faith...I'm afraid the staying power is gone...the best I can do in this stage of the game is hang on, to my rotten thread, out over the pits of hell and hope that it does not break.

Doug said...

When my kids were small, we'd hold hands while walking. My kids didn't have a very strong grip, but I did. Whenever they tripped I held tight. Christ is no different. Once, Christ gave Peter a forecast: “You will deny me three times.” At the time Peter thought, “No way!” Christ also told Peter that he had prayed for him, that his faith would not fail. So after Peter’s denial, it was Christ that came looking for him to lift him back up. Likewise, we should rest in the fact that it is Christ who is holding on to us, we are not holding on to him.

“For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of his Son, how much more, since we have been reconciled, will we be saved by his life?” Romans‬ ‭5:10‬ ‭NET‬‬

It helps to be around others to provide mutual encouragement. When I set up my charcoal grill, a coal or two usually falls away from the crowd. Apart they quickly grow cold, but placed with the others they get red hot.

seekeroftruth said...

Sadly my being around others, done little to help encourage fact I'd have to say it proved to me just what a woeful state of hypocritical faith many of us had...we talked one thing and most walked another... our love had grown cold for each other, and our hearts were cold towards the Lord... and frankly it seemed little cared one way or the other if someone fell by the wayside...I just could not stomach another lipservice worship hour...from myself or my church family. What it seems I've been left with for all my years of experiencing being a church member is a bad taste in my mouth....Lest you are tempted to judge my salvation, let me assure you if I'm not a true child of God at this point, I never will be...At this point, it seems that I am left with more questions about God, faith, His love , His promises, His people than I have answers for and for all my praying, fasting, seeking, listening, hoping, worshiping, studying... I am left with a pile of rubble...instead of going from glory to glory, somewhere along the way I lost it.

Doug said...

You have not lost it, your faith is just being tested. Consider Job. Notice the first thing we read about Job is he “was blameless, upright, fearing God, and turning away from evil.” He had the program down. If we never read any further we'd think… “And Job lived happily ever after.” But we know that's not the case. Job was severely tested! Dead kids. Dead cows. Dead health. Consider also, how things were wrongly perceived by Job’s friends...and also by Job himself. Most of Job’s friends attributed his calamity to some secret sin, ‘cause we all know sin leads to calamity, right? Job, however, thought because he was doing things right, God owed him a bed of roses. We often think the same: Stay at home mom. Homeschooled kids. We even wear the “right” clothes and listen to the “right” music. Then our child grows up and turns atheist. Where is God?! The Lord is teaching us to walk by faith, not by sight. God is great, and God is good. We must trust in him. Like an airplane pilot, we must learn to fly using our instruments, not our eyes.

Psalm 56