Friday, June 12, 2015

Hot Momma

From the movie FIRESTARTER

According to Tony Walter and Grace Davie's, The Religiosity of Women in the Modern West, "In western societies, women are more religious than men on every measure of religiosity."   Getting more specific they say, "The dimension of religious life where the difference between women and men is biggest is private devotion—prayer and Bible reading."  Recognizing that all true public displays of religion flow from the private sphere, this observed womanly trait is significant and powerful. The private sphere is where women tap into God.  It should therefore be of no surprise that the Devil seeks to disrupt this explosive area of devotion.  If St. Paul's aim was to secure undistracted devotion to God, the Devil's aim is to distract.  At the moment his distraction tactic seems to be working.  Women's religiosity is in decline.

An often overlooked aspect of the Reformation was its elimination of distraction for women.  Distraction for women in the days of Luther came in the form of a convent.  At the time, the teaching of the Church highly promoted the celibate life.  Men were prodded into the monasteries, women into the convents.  Parents added to the push.  This was seen as the way to get closer to God.  Women were distracted from childbearing in the home.  Today, distraction for women comes in the form of a job.

Starting in the early 1900s, but significantly increasing around the early 1970s, married women began entering the workforce, abandoning the home.  Women in relation to God took a turn for the worse.  Studies have demonstrated how married women entering the workforce showed a corresponding decline in religiosity.  Leaving the home domain had an observable influence on women.  According to Walter and Davie, “Women who stay at home are protected from the secularizing influence of the modern marketplace.”  Additionally, they point out how childbirth raises the intensity of a mother’s religiosity even more.  St. Paul tells us, "women shall be preserved through the bearing of children".

The exceeding tendency of women toward religion in comparison to men has been observed throughout the ages.  It is therefore not coincidental that many of Christ's most devoted followers were women, or that women significantly outnumber men in the pews today.  It is an intrinsic force placed in women by the God of Nature.  Many scholars, however, have a hard time attributing this tendency to the nature of women, choosing instead to attribute it entirely to environmental forces.  Nevertheless, Scripture clearly states, "Male and female created he them".

The key to another Awakening is the emphatic promotion of procreating marriage, marriage with an undistracted holy woman at home.  This is proven Gospel-grade soil that brings out the best in women.  Make no mistake, a devoted and undistracted momma in the home, means a devoted daddy and kids.  The Devil trembles when a holy woman is in the home.  He knows the whole social order will be affected in significant ways for God.  Hell knows no fury like a momma set on fire with God.

Friday, June 5, 2015

You Didn't Hear This From Dave Ramsey

A critical perspective is missing from the script of almost every popular finance show you'll hear. The missing perspective is critical to families, current or prospective. Know this: families with a stay-at-home-mom will face intense financial oppression. Every family that operates on a single paycheck—which is what most SAHM families do—falls under the gun. This warning is not meant to discourage families, but to strengthen their resolve. It is for this very reason, Christ instructed us to "count the costs" before jumping into any endeavor.

The single-income family has been—and currently is—under economic sanctions. The sanctions generally started in the early 1970s, reaching the greatest severity in our day. They are caused, inadvertently, by the overwhelming popularity of the dual-income family. The early 1970s is when married women began in earnest a new trend. They began leaving work at home, to work outside the home, and in return get a paycheck. They began leaving in huge numbers. From the 70s on, the numbers snowballed (see chart below).


Another significant event happened in 1974. Congress enacted the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA). The act was designed to end discrimination in lending. What it did was radically change the way banks extended credit. The ECOA effectively mandated dual-income based lending to married couples, a significant change from the general single-income policy that existed up until that time. The net effect was to increase the amount of available money chasing houses, autos, etc. Prices would begin to rise as a result.  Eventually, the economy adjusted to the new dual-income norm. The minority single-income family was left underwater. A look at discretionary incomes over time is revealing.

By early 2000, the dual-income family sported a much higher household income than their single-income counterpart of the early 1970s (see chart below). Two-pay checks are greater than one. Notice, however, that from early 1970 to 2000, discretionary income dropped! I believe this is due to the increasing costs associated with the drastic change in lifestyle. Childcare expenses are minimal with a stay at home mom. Also, no need for multiple cars. Consider now, how a single-income family stacks up in the new pricing environment. Any single-income that can match the median dual-income level can tread water. The majority of single-incomes which can’t, will eventually drown. Drown, that is, without Divine intervention.

If we are to see the Kingdom of Christ prosper—not just a privileged class—the Church must heed the admonition of James, Cephas, and John to Paul and Barnabas: “remember the poor”. Those with a financial surplus must be exhorted to help the families that lack so as Paul said, “that there may be equality”. In the future, once single-income families again become the norm, this practice will no longer be necessary.