Monday, November 17, 2014

Body Language

The apostle Paul had no intention of instructing married couples in the way of hierarchical authority. Had he wanted to, he had plenty of contemporary analogies at hand. He could've used the common master-slave hierarchy. He could've used the visible Roman military chain of command. He used neither, choosing instead the analogy of the human body, a living example of reciprocating love and harmony. The human body is an illustration of the unified and harmonized Father-Son.

John describes Christ as "...the only begotten from the Father", then Paul uses a multi-faceted greek word frequently translated as "head" to describe the Father in relation to Christ. The translation "head" is also frequently used in describing a husband in relation to his wife. Scholars say the word can also be accurately translated "source" or "origin", which in the context of these relationships, makes sense. God the Father is the Source-Origin of Christ. Adam is the source-origin of Eve.

Malachi tells us God could've made everyone at the same time and instantly populated the whole earth. He chose instead to propagate and replicate us from one body. It wasn't because He lacked power. Eve was the only begotten from Adam. She was from him, divinely sourced from Adam's rib. Adam was man, Eve wo-man, "...because she was taken out of Man". The Lord continues to mystically form couples this way to engender mutual love and affection. Unity and harmony is in the design. Body love. Hierarchical authority is not in the picture.

In marriage, the Lord is not creating modern corporations and CEOs. Obsession with authority is not in His realm. Head-first is the order of our Creator, nevertheless the word "head" has been corrupted in our day by its hierarchical authority connotations: head of state, corporate head, head of DoD, etc. In our day, use of the term "headship" is misleading and destructive for marriages.

Christ is called the First-born from the dead. Likewise, He is the Savior and Source-Origin of his body, the Church. This is the pattern marriages should trace. Christ and the Church is the couple we should be imitating. This is the divine way of peace and harmony in marriage. The alternative route of hierarchical authority is a dead end road. The Lord has a specific Image He desires us to reflect. Reciprocal body love and affection is what others should see. Our marriages should be speaking God's body language.

"By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another."—Christ