Tuesday, December 4, 2012


"The 5 Reasons Marriage Scares Men"
  —From an anonymous secular male blog:

#1. Loss of Power
#2. Divorce is Terrifying
#3. We Compare Our New Relationships to Old Ones
#4. Ridiculously Expensive, Lavish Weddings
#5. We're Flooded with Anti-Marriage Messages

The New World of Massachusetts in the early 1600s was a desolate and daunting place. Its rocky landscape and its cold, harshly uninviting environment made it one of the last places on earth anyone would want to colonize. If there was a Paradise, Massachusetts was Hell. This is the way it was viewed—a no man's land. Yet Massachusetts was colonized by an elite few that pressed through a perception filter by faith, and as a result they were tremendously blessed by God. Kingdom-minded men face a similar perception filter today, only this New World is marriage.

Family desolation.  We are told "Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it" and yet we've passed through a housing boom whose builder and maker was not God. It has turned out to be a housing bubble gone bust, and the devastation is widespread and grim. The carnage is real and gets personal. It was a housing boom built on sand. To look around is scary.  We need to look up.

The first blessing given to man by The Lord God was given to the man and woman as one. It was given to a married elite. It is a blessing He's still desirously handing out today to an elite who walk by faith and not by sight.  Will we trust the Lord?  The Lord is ever desiring to bless and populate His world. His blessing of marriage is like a baby waiting to be born.  He's just waiting on us to push!