Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Confessional Enforcer

There is a marked distinction between a government enforcing the Law of God and a government enforcing a man-made confession such as the Westminster Confession of Faith.  Confession Enforcement characterizes so much of the past and the Lord rightly brought these instances to an end.  Confession Enforcement has plagued the history of Catholics and Protestants alike.  Confession Enforcement was the hallmark of the Pharisees as well, and Christ consistently confronted them on this matter for exceeding what is written, as the apostle called it.

Exceeding what is written is characteristic of many confessions, although adherents of each confession will deny this is the case.  The Confessional Enforcer leans on his own understanding, and this is where the danger lies.  The Confessional Enforcer makes his understanding an idol, and likewise persecutes the heretics that disagree.  Jefferson and Madison (I think wisely) saw through this and established religious freedom, first in Virginia.  Jefferson and Madison were not so much concerned about promoting religious freedom as they were about keeping Confessional Enforcers out of power.   If you read Jefferson's position on the matter, he stressed the dependence of their system on Truth-preaching: The Truth, if preached - will always prevail.  As a result, Jefferson and Madison established a competitive preaching environment designed to shake out error.  The Confessional Enforcer on the other hand, always tries to take out the competition.

The Lord requires allegiance of all the nations.  The
people are the nations, and once a people are converted – conversion being characterized by delighting in the Law of God – the government itself will reflect this conversion.  Therefore, governments must be converted from the bottom up and not the other way around.  Praise God the internet is once again providing an environment for competitive preaching of the Truth.  In light of this, I highly recommend the engaging message from BojidarMarinov.

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