Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Watching a Lawless Society Breakdown in Real-time

“So keep and do them, 
for that is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the peoples
who will hear all these great statutes and say,

 'Surely this great nation is a wise and  understanding people.'”
 Deut. 4:6

Social breakdowns are becoming regular guests on the network news, the Occupy Wall Street protest being one of the latest.  Recently, CNN spotlighted the issue and in one particular segment an Occupy Wall Street participant was questioned.  Assuming the role of a spokesman and in response to the reporter’s question, the supposed professor described what it was they were protesting against: “Corporate greed!” he exclaimed.  Wealth inequality seemed to be a great part of what he disliked.  Eventually, the CNN reporter got around to asking the professor what he would recommend.  The professor’s response was void of any specifics; what you’d expect from someone in the dark.  Occupy Wall Street is not a healthy show of democracy as some would suggest, it's evidence of a society breaking down.  It's an end game strategy and is what you should expect from a nation that has spurned the wisdom of God’s Law.

In Leviticus 25, after the initial partitioning of the land by tribe, the Divine Legislator instituted the Year of Jubilee, a national reset that was to occur every 50th year.  The Year of Jubilee was a law made known to all of Israel up front and out in the open, not a crisis response.  Its purpose was to periodically re-establish the wide distribution of productive land and thereby promote widespread liberty among the people of God; political liberty via economic liberty, not government taxation and re-distribution of wealth as many would advocate today.  Similarly, in the early stages of American colonization, our leaders were virtually forced out of necessity to offer a widespread distribution of land.  This is how we historically developed a widespread distribution of liberty, but to our detriment, a periodic national reset was never devised.

Societies are like live-action Monopoly games–the progression is toward all property ending up in the hands of the few.  Everyone else is forced to pay rent.  Globally, there are no national spectators, not even the Divinely-legislated nation of Israel found exemption from play; Monopoly is due to the greedy nature of man.  However, the Lord illustrated a way to wisely moderate the game by addressing the issue in His Law.  We would do well to listen.

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