Monday, September 19, 2011

Elder Obsession

Normally, the term "Elder" would be associated with the aged - a man of experience and proven character.  The qualified "Elder" would exude understanding and light.  He would understand the times and know how to raise a family in a righteous and practical sense - his righteously raised and now righteously living adult family would provide the living proof.  He would therefore be a pattern to follow after or imitate.  In fact, his very example would command respect from struggling family leaders following on the road behind.  BUT WE ARE NOT IN NORMAL TIMES!  Normally, older women would be expected to train the younger women by their example, but like the men, there is a vacuum in the place of righteous, experienced older women whose lives the younger women can pattern after.  WE ARE NOT IN NORMAL TIMES!  We are far down the road of multi-generational faithlessness, generations of parents that have sacrificed the raising of their children in pursuit of material - not Kingdom minded - ends.   Consequently, we come on the scene in the midst of a dark age. Elders are not essential or foundational, Christ and His Word are. This is not to imply that elders are unimportant, but "There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven." Eccles. 3:1 Now is not the time for individual Christians and organizations to be obsessing over elders and authority. Instead, we need to desperately petition the Lord for light.

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